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Port Wines

The House of Fonseca

Commemorative Crusted

Full Bodied & Fruity

Powerful aromatic aromas of dark berry fruit, raspberry leaf, redcurrants and a hint of mint.

  • LBV Unfiltered 2015
  • BIN 27
  • Terra Prima
  • Waterloo Edition
  • Commemorative Crusted
  • Crusted
  • Ruby


This year we celebrate the Bicentenary of the House of Fonseca. To commemorate 200 years of family tradition and achievement, Fonseca has made a limited release of a Bicentenary Edition Crusted Port.

The company began trading on 8th April, 1815. An entry in the ledgers of the royal monopoly company records a purchase of 32 pipes of Port on this date by João dos Santos Fonseca, followed by a number of other acquisitions in the months that followed.  This was the start of a long and successful history which would see Fonseca rapidly establish itself at the pinnacle of the Vintage Port hierarchy.  It remains an undisputed 'first growth' Vintage Port house to this day. Under the leadership, in turn, of the Fonseca, Monteiro, Guimaraens and Yeatman families, the firm has also become one of the most respected producers of wood aged Port, launching household name blends like Fonseca Bin no.27.  It is the owner of some of the finest 'quintas' in the Douro and a pioneer in the area of sustainable viticulture, as well as the producer of the first ever organic Port.

Crusted is a traditional style and Fonseca is one of very few houses that continue to produce it.  It is a blend of rich, full-bodied Ports bottled without fining or filtration.  After bottling, it is kept for several years in the Fonseca cellars, slowly gaining in character and complexity, before being offered for sale.  After some time a sediment or 'crust' will form in the bottle, a natural process occurring only in the finest Ports and a sign that they are able to improve in bottle.  This Bicentenary Limited Edition Crusted Port was bottled in 2008 and already displays attractive bottle maturity.  Drinking superbly now, it is the perfect wine with which to celebrate Fonseca's 200th anniversary but those preferring to keep it in their cellars as a memento of the Bicentenary can expect it to continue improving in bottle.

Owing to the sediment that forms after some time in bottle, Crusted Port is best decanted before being served.

Limited availability.

Tasting Note

Deep, dark ruby colour. On the nose powerful aromatic aromas of dark berry fruit, raspberry leaf, redcurrants and a hint of mint. On the palate layers of complex flavours, redcurrant, raspberry, eucalyptus, balanced tannins and spice. Very elegant wine, with a long finish. 

Serving Suggestions

Fonseca Crusted is the perfect finish to any meal. It benefits from being decanted and should be served in a generously proportioned wine glass so that its rich fruity nose can be enjoyed to the full. Excellent with fully flavoured cheeses. It is also delicious with desserts made with chocolate or berry fruits.