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Visitors' Centres


Enjoy a Fonseca Experience in the new Port Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia or at Quinta do Panascal, in the Douro Valley

Port Cellars

The Fonseca Experience, tasting room, and shop is located in the heart of the historic Vila Nova de Gaia, across the Douro river from the city of Porto.

Located in cellars with hundreds of years of history, the Fonseca experience allows guests to learn about the uniqueness of the Douro valley, the significant role Fonseca has played in sustainable viticulture, and how Port wine is made including a chance to test your ability to identify Port wine aromas.

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Quinta do Panascal

Quinta do Panascal has been open to the public since 1992, one of the first to be so in the Douro valley region.

Panascal's educational audio-tour allows guests to wander independently through vineyards dramatically situated atop rolling hills overlooking Távora River and the "lagares" (traditional granite tanks). 

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